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The Fit in 15 online studio is getting a makeover for the month of January, helping you to turbo charge 2024 at a time when we all need that extra little boost!


Featuring our usual schedule of daily, 15 minute workout blasts to leave you energised, stronger and fitter it will also incorporate easy to follow - and more importantly, maintain - tips on forming healthy habits for your nutrition, goal setting, mind-body balance and an overall more holistic approach to your health & wellbeing.


No gimmicks. No dieting. No fads. Just feel good fitness, sensible advice and ideas and a whole load of accountability that will leave you feeling great!


Your workouts are available to join live or on demand, meaning all you need to do is carve out 15 minutes to dedicate to YOU. 


Week 1 - Re-energise

Week 2 - Power Up

Week 3 - Stabilise

Week 4 - Knock-it-out-the-ballpark

January Jumpstart

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