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Fitness Class


Whether you're looking for a social group class to meet other mums, one-to-one training to give your fitness regime a boost or online sessions that fit around you, at Fitter Mother we have just what you're looking for to help you feel great!


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Meet the Trainer


Fiona / Fi / Fitness Coach / PT / Mother / Wife / Mum Boss.


Whatever you call me, I just want to say 'Hi, it's nice to meet you!'


I'm a big believer in empowering mums and I'm here to help you feel great and gain confidence in your body & mind, through my workouts that are specifically designed to fit around your busy family life.

When a baby is born, so is a mother

Fitter Mother was born at the same time as my youngest, when I realised that working out around family life was tough!


I'd always been fit-ish - exercising because I liked the way it made me feel, but also enjoying a glass of wine & chocolate! After my second baby arrived, I naively assumed I could carry on working out in the same way I always had. But I suddenly found myself with a toddler, a newborn and a 4cm gap in my tummy muscles. I felt weak and lacking in confidence, and I had no idea how I could fit in looking after me alongside looking after my little ones.



I joined my local gym as it had a creche…. it didn’t last long. The creche was only open for a couple of hours each day. I had to pay for it on top of my already-expensive gym membership. I worried the whole time about leaving my baby as the enthusiastic class instructor bellowed at me to hold my planks - something I knew was doing my post-baby body no good.


There had to be a better way....

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The birth of Fitter Mother

It was in that moment that I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a career and help other mums in the same situation as me.


I quit my job whilst on maternity leave and retrained as Level 3 Personal Trainer, taking additional qualifications around understanding the postnatal body.


I launched my first classes with Buggyfit –a social, fun exercise class for mums where the babies could come too. My youngest, now a toddler, was by my side.

Growing together


Today, I deliver everything from antenatal Personal Training sessions, to birth recovery programs to advanced group fitness classes, all made to fit around busy mum life.

Every session I run is designed for mums with children in tow. I cater to all stages of motherhood and all levels of fitness, from the 'I’ve never exercised' to the 'Will I be able to run marathons again?'


Our sessions are not only child-friendly but also mum-friendly. To me, that means welcoming your little ones along with cuddles, toys & fun as well as giving mums exactly what you need.

From specialised advice and workouts that suit your personal journey (such as recovering from a c-section) through to sessions that fit around the school run, or even knowing which sports bra is great for both feeding and running in!

Most of all, I want mums to feel empowered in their bodies and never forget that whilst motherhood can be all-consuming, we are so much more than just mums.

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Team Fitter Mother



Being part of the Fitter Mother tribe is about more than just working out. It’s about feeling unapologetically great in your body, connecting with other mums and sharing everything from cardio to coffee.


It’s about knowing that you can rock up to a group session and if your baby cries no-one will bat an eyelid, or if your pre-schooler wants to join in they’ll be actively encouraged.


It’s about not comparing your own personal journey with others around you, but knowing that we are all in this thing called motherhood - together. 


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