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Buggyfit - The Ultimate Fitness Class for Mums is back!


Wednesdays & Fridays, 11am, Victoria Park, Newbury - just let me know in the booking comments which class you'd like to attend.


This 45-minute class combines fresh air, feel-good movement & friendship in a fun and effective session, where babies come too. Run by a postnatal specialist, you will work the whole body at a pace that is right for you. The chatter is as important as the squats at Buggyfit, so expect to leave feeling reviatlised and with a smile on your face!


Buggyfit is suitable from 6 weeks postnatal onwards (or slightly longer if you have had a c-section). You must have recieved your GP clearance to exercise before starting any kind of fitness program. I will ask you to complete a health questi0onanire before starting, to let me know a little ore about your pregnancy & birth, and will offer tailored exercises dependant on your recovery level and goals. Diastasis (tummy muscle) checks are also offered, as well as advice on c-section healing, so you know you are in good hands. No minimum or maximum level of fitness required!

Buggyfit - PAYG 1 x session

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