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Congratulations - you're a mum! Here's what to expect from your body in the early days.

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Post-pregnancy health & wellbeing

Having a baby is the equivalent to running a marathon! A huge amount of physical and mental resources are used in not only growing but also birthing that new life. The immediate weeks following your baby’s arrival should be spent cuddling, resting and re-fuelling as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the fast pace of modern life means we can be quick to overlook the signs our body is giving us to slow down. Combine that with the hormonal volcano of becoming a new mother, and it is no wonder we can feel depleted of more than just sleep. Looking after your emotional health is a hugely important part of postnatal healing, so make sure you talk, seek advice and reach out to those around you.

Postnatal Healing

Scars. Stretch marks. Abdominal separation. Pelvic floor issues. Prolapse. Changed boobs. Fatigue. Anxiety. The physical after-effects of having your baby make for quite the list! None of these issues are things that you can’t seek help for and heal though, but it is important that you do. If not, you risk these postnatal issues becoming forever issues.

I run through each of these things in a series of videos to talk to you about what you can be doing to help yourself. If you’re a new mum, they’re a must-watch. Check out the links in the blogs below.

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