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Are babywearing workouts safe for your body?

Slings, carriers, wraps - they are wonderful inventions (and let's face it, often a necessity, if you want to get stuff done). But as appealing as it sounds to get a workout in whilst snuggling skin-to-skin with your little one, is it really safe for your body?

Think of it like this - would you make like an athlete and go for a workout in a weighted vest, strapping 10lbs of solid weight (an adorable 10lbs, but a weight nonetheless) out front? Early on in your postnatal recovery, whilst you are trying to strengthen your body, core & posture? When proper alignment, stabilisation and care is paramount to a long-term strong & healthy body?

(And just to be clear, up to 1 year is what I consider “early on” in your postnatal recovery. It takes months for your body to grow a baby and it will take months for your body to heal after birth – regardless of how your birth went down).

Let's be blunt. Whilst you may love babywearing around the house, or when out for a walk, throw in the de-stabilising moves necessary during a workout - lunges, squats, whatever it may be - whilst front-loading an already vulnerable body in need of recovery is far from the ideal. It will put stress on ANY postnatal body, but if you’re dealing with things like…

Pelvic floor dysfunction (like incontinence or prolapsed pelvic organs)

Diastasis Recti

Significant perineal tearing that still needs to heal

…then babywearing for a 30+ minute workout class where you’re on your feet the whole time, your instructor can't see your form, and you need control is not the best option for your body.

My advice? Walk with your adorable little bundle strapped to you and enjoy those snuggles. But when it comes to your workout, settle them in their buggy, next to you on a mat - or (trainer perk) - pass them to me for a cuddle ;)

P.S. Did you like this? Share it with your babywearing friends – especially if they’re complaining about any pain they get from babywearing.

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