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What does it mean to live well?

In March of last year I was lucky enough to attend an awesome event celebrating all things fitness & wellness. So you can imagine my delight when they invited me back this year as one of their Champions! As a fitpro and women's health coach, wellness to me embodies so many things, from the physical to the emotional. It's also something that we, as mums, tend to put to the bottom of the pile.

The mission at Live Well is to help you take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing, in a festival that's one-of-a-kind! Now that's my kind of mission.

You can expect to learn from leading wellness experts, breathe in and bliss out with yogis and meditation gurus, work out with the most in-demand trainers and try, taste and buy from a curated collection of amazing wellness brands! What's more, as Champion of the event I'll be having some amazing free tickets to give away to #teamfittermother so if you are interested in joining me there, keep your eyes peeled and leave me a comment below about what living well means to you.

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