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Weights vs. Resistance Bands

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Which do you prefer? And which is better? It's a question I often get asked, so let's consider them both.

I am a huge fan of weights - I do weight sessions first thing every morning as part of my #fitinfifteen program - they make you strong, boost the metabolism, build lean muscle and better bones (especially great for women) & sculpt. Sounds pretty compelling, right? But here's the thing about resistance bands - they do exactly the same thing & I'm a huge fan of them too! They are a great, inexpensive, portable pice of kit and I use them at all my outdoor sessions as well as some of my online workouts. So which is better?

It really depends on you. If you're looking to make steady gains, then weights are an easy way to keep track - starting out with say 2kgs and then steadily adding on an extra KG as you get stronger. But they are pricey, and take up space. Moreover, you don't actually need this piece of kit to get a great, all-over body workout. Resistance bands load the muscle, making it work harder, just like you would expect with free weights, plus you often have more control. Take a bicep curl as an example. As you fatigue on heavy weights with a bicep curl, it's easy to let gravity & momentum take over. The same move with a resistance band however, sees you controlling the move as you lower the band, maintaining better form. So next time you want to workout, why not mix it up and give both a go? #resistancebandsworkout #resistancebands #resistancetraining #weighttraining #strengthtraining #strongmums #liftlean #fitinfifteenminutes #fifteenminuteworkouts #onlineworkouts #coreworkout #upperbodyworkout #fittermother #mumpower #personaltrainer #fitmumsclub #fitmum #fitmumlife #workoutsforthewin #workoutsformums

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